At Ancaster Jewellers, we recognize that customer service is of the highest importance and our experienced and professional staff members are always happy to help.

Ancaster Jewellers offers a range of top quality services including watch and jewellery repair, gemology and appraisals, gold buying, engraving, and custom jewellery design services (see “Custom Design” at the top of the page). With our wide range of expertise and experience, no job is too big or too small. Come in today and be amazed at our attention to detail and willingness to work with you to find what you are looking for in a fine piece of jewellery.

Watch Repair

Having a Swiss trained watchmaker means that we can repair all makes and models. From battery replacements and water testing to full overhauls and case refinishing, it can be done right here in the Ancaster Jewellers workshop. Most simple repairs are completed while you wait! Whether it is completely broken or just needs a new battery, bring us your watches and accessories for an in-store estimate today. We service all brands, makes, and models!

Jewellery Repair

We not only have the tools, but also the experienced industry professionals who can take your battered and bruised jewellery and restore it to peak condition, right here in the store. Whether it is a simple ring size adjustment or the restoration of a family heirloom, our staff is ready and up to the task. Let us show you what we can do to restore your treasures. Bring in your jewellery for an in-store estimate today.

Gemology & Appraisals

With a GIA graduate gemologist and appraiser in-house, getting a fast and accurate appraisal is quick and painless. Simply bring in your rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, or other fine jewellery and our staff will be happy to give you an appraisal, right here in the store.

An appraisal will not only give you a monetary value of your jewellery, but will also tell you about authenticity, quality, materials, and the design. This full and thorough evaluation of your valuables is necessary for insurance purposes.

If you are an executor of a will, we do appraisals for probate purposes. Please call us to schedule your free consultation .

Your appraisal can also be printed and laminated in passport size. This is useful if you travel with expensive jewellery and watches and don’t want delays at customs!

Gold Buying

If you have old or unwanted gold or jewellery, we aim to pay you the best possible market price for your valuables. The value of gold has never been higher and Ancaster Jewellers will gladly purchase old gold and jewellery at a fair and accurate price. We are happy to explain the process of the gold market to you and why we are your most trustworthy option.

Simply bring your unwanted wares into the store for a free estimate of current market value. Once the value has been determined, we can pay you cash immediately or issue a store credit.

If you prefer, you may choose to convert your old jewellery or unwanted gold into something new with our custom design services.


An easy way to customize your favorite jewellery, almost any piece can be engraved with a specific message of your choosing.

Our range of specialized technology allows us to quickly and efficiently engrave a wide range of symbols and characters onto your watches, rings, bracelets, or other precious metals, within a short time period.

Our trained professionals are also able to engrave, by hand, more obscure and oddly shaped pieces. Whether it is for a personal message or important reminder, come in and have your pieces customized today!